A Classic Sunday Afternoon

I believe time machines were invented, but we haven't taken the time to notice them as yet.

I met up with Woody again, and met his friends, who are also huge classic car enthusiasts, it turned out to be almost a British Classics Owners Club, call it what you want, it was amazing to see these gems with impeccable restoration work done to them. 


These Classics, transform their surroundings and take to you to the time they exist within. These cars can give you that glimpse of the past, and they do it so effortlessly. 


Their presence is indelibly made known anywhere they are parked.


This gorgeous MGB - GT is a work of art. It's not a roadster no, but it certainly is beautiful in its own right. The hard top adds that Grand Touring feel, giving it character. The MGB - GT sports the same engine as the MGB, the same 98 horses and similar torque, at around 110 ft lbs, and it's a bit heavier with the hardtop, but goodness, that form, its just the perfect shape. 

The fun really came with this Austin Summerset. Mr. Cozier took me for a spin in it, it was unexpected but a pretty amazing experience. 

Austin Summerset

This Austin Somerset was made in 1954, and has been left untouched since then, tiny rust lines and some cosmetic flaws show the age of the car, but mechanically it's been well maintained, it's a sound machine. 

It's "massive" 42 hp output from it's 1.2L engine, along with some beer, really got the rear wheels spinning in the grass. Somersets were used for racing at one point, in the past, its racing pedigree showed that afternoon. 

Photo By  Terrell Inniss

Photo By Terrell Inniss

Lotus Elon
Lotus Elon

Some familiar faces were there as well, this Elan, we would've read about it at the Vintage Car Show was owned by Derek, he wasn't afraid to get into some of the action as well. 

To wrap it up, I'm glad I got this chance to hang out with a community of classic car enthusiasts, for them, these gems aren't just cars to keep in the showroom, they are machines that deserve the life they were built for, they deserve to be driven, let's hope they keep it that way. 

Alex, until next time, happy motoring!