Deliciously Stock


Ah Subaru, the Sub, the Sub Dog, Subbie, Scobby, Rex, Rexy all names we call Subarus but I can finally call this one mine. From as far back as I can remember I always wanted a Subaru. When I was growing up I remember watching Colin McCrae tear up rally stages in his 2 door 22b STI GC8,I always wanted one after seeing him race. Also, I just love that boxer burble.

Subaru GC8

I don't have a very long or interesting car history got my first car when I was 21 or so, a 2 door 1999 Toyota Starlet Reflect, I spent the next 2 years or so converting that car to look like a Glanza V, my god it was clean.


The plan was to eventually swap the 4efe for a 4efte engine into it and boost it to hell and back but it was my daily and I couldn't really afford to have in a shop for long periods. 


Then the stars aligned and I saw this baby for sale. A completely stock 1999 Subaru GC8 WRX. Sold my Starlet, never looked back.

Subaru GC8

It was perfect for a daily, it's stock so it's reliable, 4 doors and trunk space so it's practical and fast enough so i can still have a little, "responsible" fun. 


I inherited a couple of issues with it though, some rear damage, nothing major and a massive boost leak from the top mount inter-cooler y-pipe. Once I got all that fixed, worked like a charm.

Subaru GC8 WRX

I do have plans to eventually modify it once I restore it to stock condition but right now I'm just enjoying it before I make the fuel economy worse.

Subaru GC8 WRX

I really enjoy the look of a stock car. I was never really a fan of ricing, when it comes to the exterior of the car I don't have any plans for it, maybe a front lip and a bigger hood scoop but that's a big maybe.


Delicious 4pot stock brakes. Just enough. For now.


Someone once described my engine bay as "Full" I can understand what they're talking about, not much room left in there. The space taken up is put to good use, according to my research from factory the turbo charged engine puts out around 214hp-220hp at 6400rpm and 250 lb·ft at 4000rpm though that was years ago, probably way less now (I would love to put it on a dyno). It is said to achieve 0-100 Km/h in 5.99s and a 1/4 mile in 14.27s. All this while the little turbo pushes out about 13.5psi of boost.

Engine Bay GC8 WRX

It has Subaru’s symmetrical All Wheel Drive System which causes it to tear my face off when it accelerates sometimes, you get a lot of grip surprisingly. It gives you a feeling of invincibility when cornering which has caused me to spin my car around a couple times.

There is nothing more terrifying than losing control of a 4 wheel drive car. . . the horror.
— Maurice
MOMO Wheel
A triple gauge pod in the centre of the dash is planned.

A triple gauge pod in the centre of the dash is planned.


When it comes to the interior of the car it's nothing special. It's very 90's JDM, hard plastics everywhere, function over form. Subaru added a few extra bits with the WRX and the WRX STI versions of the Impreza. A MOMO wheel, which feels great, a shift knob and boot with red detailing, along with the red and black bucket seats and the white background of the gauge cluster it really gives everything a nice look.




I really love my WRX. I've had the pleasure of owning it since February 2017 and it hasn't let me down yet. I even met some really cool people in the Car Community, the Barbados Subaru Owners Club for example, maybe I'll get to do a feature with their cars sometime soon, they have some awesome cars. 

Till next time.