Westcoast Kings Take Over

Wescoast Kings Barbados

It's been a long time coming, but we finally were able to hang out with Westcoast Kings! It's really awesome to see groups start and grow and really add to the Car Culture of our small island, Barbados. Nickolai the founder of Westcoast Kings, let us in on some information about the group, how it started and where he's headed. 


What do you drive?


My car is a 1996 EJ6 Honda Civic, it was bought new back in 1996 here on the island. Back then I was a lot younger, and I went with my dad when he was buying a car for my mom. He took me to Tucker, and I was able to choose the car for her back then. Eventually my mom moved on, and bought a CRV, and I was able to take this car off her hands, and the mods began. 

I’m in love with Car Culture, and I’m sad it died down a bit here, but We are trying to bring everyone together again, so we can show it off internationally.
— Nickolai

The search for Orginality


When the car was passed on to me from my mom, it was a bit rusty, so it went to the body shop first for some work to be done on it. The car was OEM pearl green from Honda but it was a becoming a common Honda color, so I picked a random color to start with from Automotive Art and changed the color. The car was automatic so I did a manual conversion. After that came the stance. I bought D2 fully adjustable coil overs and lowered the car so far. I have plans for  K-swap of the engine eventually. 

EJ6 Civic

Tell us a bit about westcoast kings


I really loved the movement we had in Barbados a while ago, but it slowly died down. I started my brand as a Youtube channel first then I moved on to Instagram. It really started to pick up traction though, and after going to a few car shows with some friends, persons were asking if they could join the group, and be a part of the Westcoast family. Now we are selling T-shirts, Snapbacks and stickers, so persons can identify with the group. We started an online forum as well and we organize meets that way.


Check out some of their content


Big thanks to Nickolai for giving us an chance to hang out and get to know the group, I really love when friends come together for something they all share and love, groups like this continue to keep our Car Culture alive here in Barbados. 


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