It's still stock


Since we last left off my Subaru GC8 WRX has been through quite a bit of what I would call...quality of life mods. 


Nothing major, it's still stock. The car is pushing 19 years or so of age, it just needs some sprucing up. The first quality of life mod I did was install some GlowShift gauges I got from Chris at Redline Barbados who is, by the way, building an amazing 280Z, check out the article we posted a little while ago.


I got a Boost Gauge, an Air/Fuel wide band gauge and an oil temperature gauge, maybe I'll get one or two more but I got these to monitor the health of my car. The gauge pod I got from eBay, it didn't fit right though, so I got it sanded down a bit.

Old car problems.

Old car problems.


Now I can maybe wrench a bit but I'm completely lost when it comes to electrical work on cars. So I gave a man a call who is probably one of the best automotive electricians on the island, Randy Brewster, he owns a little company called BossTech Auto, he does amazing work. As the car is old though while installing the gauges and the pod, the centre console piece just shattered on us. Nothing a little super glue can't fix.



She Lives.

She Lives.


While I was there I did an oil change as well, since we installed an oil filter sandwitch plate so we could get an oil temperature reading. An oil change I can do.


The next mod to the car was upgrading the cooling system. I first upgraded the cooling hoses with silicone hoses because they were old and looked like they were about to burst. I assume the radiator was that old because not long after that it actually gave out on me, so I decided to get a decent Mishimoto radiator. It dropped right in, factory fans bolted right on. I just had to bend the housing of the left fan back a bit so it wouldn't foul on the power steering belt. Good stuff.


As is my luck sometime between doing all of this my hood scoop decided to detach itself and blew away on the highway. So i found this company called RPG Carbon, they make fiberglass and carbon fibre parts for a bunch of different cars. So i ordered a new scoop from them and here's how the car sits now.




Working on a car takes some time. It's been a while since this happened, and my parts came. A few were to just fix the problems with the car, things that broke when we worked on her putting in the cluster, the time for another oil change came around as well, and she's been running like a dream.


I started using LIQUI MOLY 10W-40 supplied by the guys at TDK Auto Supplies. Works really well with my engine and turbo charger.

Project Ford in the rear

Project Ford in the rear


Some external mods were needed too. JDM yellow fog lights just bring the nostalgia back from the 90's. You probably spotted the change of the indicators to the amber ones as well, really just bringing together the feel of the car.


New center console came as well, fresh from E bay, feels good to have it coming together slowly but surely. I did a small induction Mod solely for the sound, I removed the factory snorkel which up through the side fender, I am pretty satisfied with the sound it makes now when I'm driving.


The next step will be some engine work, big things to come guys. - Maurice