A Daily Joy

What would you say makes the perfect daily driver?


For me, it has to check a number of boxes, has to be good on fuel, comfortable with modern amenities of life all packed into something that's nice to look at when you do that car lover double take after you park. We may not realise it but we actually ask a lot more from a daily than we do a track car. Track cars usually tend to be fast, loud and "high fashion", like $25 New Balance stylish. 


This build is a little different though, you see, the owner isn't Chris, this is a gift to his wife. When he moved to live here in Barbados, they had to sell her 90's Hyundai Coupe and he in a sense owed her something, and this where this Honda comes into play.


Chris sent me the lead on this beauty, while she was still being built. I had the privilege of seeing Daniel in action in this shop, Autoderm. By the way, go check out his page on Facebook, he does amazing work. Daniel, is a very interesting person, having lived in China while in college, he spent loads of his time hanging out with the elusive underground racing and drifting scene over there. He is a true car enthusiast in the purest form.

Without any doubts, I can say he really loves his wife.

Without any doubts, I can say he really loves his wife.


The car on the inside is stock, its a Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo, I will vouch it's still capable of giving some unsuspecting opponent the chop, from a Traffic light start or side by side pull on the highway. It makes around 175 hp, at 16.5 psi, the turbo helps a lot with the torque output of the engine making 162 ft lbs of it, but get this, still makes 35 miles to the gallon. That's even better than most econoboxes, and it's still fun to drive. Honda is onto something here.


The results of the wrap as well as a few cosmetic modifications really push the looks of this car over the edge, from looker, to double take material. Chris actually brought to my attention, that this Civic, looks like a later iteration of the 90's Hyundai Coupe, in some respects.


When we really go in depth on the looks of the car though, first and foremost the wrap was chosen for the protection of the paint, but with the results here, I'd opt to wrap any car and not for the protection.


Beefing up the visuals of the car, are the aftermarket add ons, the wing of a period correct Honda Civic Type-R was added as well as a rear diffuser.  


 A front splitter was added to the front of the car, as well as side skirts, and it sits on 19" Konig Intention Rims, they really do complement the overall angular shape of the car.

Looks like an F117 Nighthawk

Looks like an F117 Nighthawk

It’s a sort of elegance, the way the matte black highlights the subtle curves of the body panels. 
— Alex
Check out that quad exhaust.

Check out that quad exhaust.


In the end though, many persons daily an unremarkable car, sometimes we find ourselves behind the wheel of a car so forgettable, you can't remember where you parked, thats a fact. Having something interesting as a daily driver can really change your day for the better.


Is this car quite possibly the perfect daily driver ? I myself wouldn't go as far as to say that, but it really does score pretty high. 

Alex - Until next time, Happy Motoring.