The Best Yellow

After moving on from the "Brothers" we met up with what could be called their Dad. The Ford Escort RS Cosworth.

Normally, this Escort was one of 2500 made in collaboration with Cosworth and Ford, but it was even more unique because its modifications made it one of a kind.

Using a Turbocharged 2L 16V DOHC engine, it would've normally made about 220hp. This figure was pretty similar to the car that came before it, the Ford Sierra Cosworth, it actually was made even more famous because it was the Sierra which Colin Mcrae would've driven for a time in Rally. This Ford Escort though, ironed out the issues Ford thought plagued the Sierra, and instead of being Rwd, its 4wd.  


The "Whale Tail" anyone who vaguely knows Ford from the mid 80's, to the early 90's would remember that time Ford made cars with wings that were so odd, you either threw up or fell in love. This Ford was unapologetic, and yes, hate me for it, I love that wing. 

It was far from stock though, this car was also prepared by Graham Goode Racing, meaning it wasn't just modified, it was heavily modified. The huge intercooler to the front of the car should've given that away.  

Using the same 2L engine, this car was able to produce around 512 hp, at 21psi with its Garret Turbocharger. It was possessed with the demon of speed, and left hidden under covers in this garage. 

This car amalgamated all the research and design Ford acquired over the years of racing and rally, although stock, it only made 220 hp, it was a platform that could be modified and used in racing like we see here. It gave the racing experience to everyone, and gave them the joy of building or preparing a machine they could use everyday. 

This Escort RS Cosworth mk5, shows Ford closing the chapter on the Escort and Sierra line of cars, with one last hurrah. Its thicker wheel arches, slight aero modifications, and enormous wing showed that Ford wanted to make a statement.

Alex - Until next time, keep motoring.