A friend of Y-Esuf Auto Clinic invited us over a while back to see a few of the cars they were working on. Among these cars were two little Ford Hatches. They called them "Brothers".

The Ford Focus RS, a common sight to many but strangely not to us in Barbados. They're actually only a few over here for whatever reason. Needless to say, they're pretty amazing. The white RS is a Mk2, it was the most modified.

The engine was the Volvo - engineered 2,522cc 5-cylinder engine but it was tuned and modified by Graham Goode Racing UK, we're not sure exactly what was done to it but it now makes around 430 hp, a big upgrade from the stock 301 hp.

Right next to it was the younger brother the Mk3. The Best Blue, the color was amazing.

That's a modified RALLIART Evo X way in the back by the way.

That's a modified RALLIART Evo X way in the back by the way.

I just fell in love with it. 

I don't even like modern cars that much, I actually recently just sold my car to buy another that's 4 years older(financial mistake?) but the styling was so streamlined...gorgeous. Anyway, It was completely stock with the 1.5-litre turbocharged 4 - cylinder engine making 345 hp or so. It was however soon to be modified, we're told awesome parts are being ordered, can't wait to see it finished. 

The guys at Y-Esuf Auto Clinic have a serious love for cars they put a lot of time and care in when modifying their cars.


 Sign Guyz 246 seen in the pictures was actually vinyl wrapping the cars while we were there, he does really good work. So give him a shout if you need some styling mods done to your vehicle. 

Some Vinyl Work by our friend.

Some Vinyl Work by our friend.

When writing articles we actually try not to focus (no pun intended) too much on the numbers a car produces, we like to talk about the feelings they evoke, it was just hard not to talk about the numbers in this one(they're fast). They were a couple other cars that were there that we'll cover a bit later, one of which had a shade of the best yellow we ever saw. Until then, lata.