Sideways is Life


BARL stands for "Barbados Auto Racing League" and we had the privilege of hanging out with them this weekend, meeting the drivers and their incredible builds.


This weekend's forecast - Smokey with a chance of backfire! Things are really heating up as we get closer to the BARL Wheels & Heels Event.


It's great to see persons this enthusiastic about any form of racing really. BARL has 23 years of history as a auto racing group here in Barbados and they are doing their upmost to keep the discipline alive. 

There's a wide range of machines in the group, from really old school JDM to some euro's to some more mordern rides. 

Cars are a platform to build on, sometimes persons are really innovative in the way they try to achieve their goals, whether it be big on power, or just lots of fun to drive. Check out that Charmant with a 3SGE BEAMS, its crazy ! 


Or this one with more driver oriented mods instead, and "weight reduction", I absolutely love how much character it has. 

No sideways event is really complete without your everyday Godzilla showing up to cause some chaos, this rwd R33, with a screamer pipe certainly does the trick. 

The driver Marlon, is almost always in front my camera at different events constantly tweaking and fixing his car to get it right, he said he installed the worlds most expensive handbrake for this event.  

A massive spanner, it's definitely unique and insanely cool. 

This cressida,driven by "Blackboy" or "Sicky Back" is a 1JZ swap, coming right out of the 1JZ alley, we wrote about a few months ago. I am looking forward to seeing him tear it up (in a very responsible way of course).

One incredible driver, I think everyone in Barbados knows this guy by now, but if you haven't its because he's actually really modest about it. 

We can without a doubt say these guys are "BARL To De Bone"

Here are a few more cars that showed up for some fun, feel free to download images use them as wallpapers whatever you like. 

We hoping the event goes really well this weekend, and everyone enjoys either being in the drivers seat, or watching from the sidelines. We want to see you there.

Alex - Until next time, happy motoring.