A Classic Love Story

Well it’s simple really. The car has always been my dream car or “one true love” if you will. There is a classic love story like Romeo and Juliet called Tristan and Isolde.
— Tristan



She really is gorgeous. 


This 86 should be familiar, I spoke about it a few months ago at the "Vintage Car Show". It's nice to see some minor updates on the car cosmetically and mechanically, things that really hold the build together at this point. 


The engine bay has changed a bit, first major change seen here is the strut bar, and the velocity stacks have changed from red to black. The stacks are bit longer as well, adding a little more torque. It's still the same 16v 1600cc 4-AGE. 


The new engine map was also done with the engine, this was definitely noticed on the road, the engine still has to hit the dyno to find the output, but it's definitely within the range of 160 hp, about what a 4AGE should be doing. 


The front of the car also received a new lip, bringing it further down to the road, it doesn't really affect the aero performance of the car, but it does look pretty awesome, giving the car a bolder presence. 


It's really nice to see the build coming together, a few more changes are planned for the near future for the car, I will continue to keep an eye on how the build is going. 

Tristan doesn't just keep his car for show though, he can set it through it's paces, check out this video of his autocross run at Vaucluse Raceway in St.Thomas, Barbados, click the image below to play the video. 


Tristan's 86 run compared to an Evo X driven by Christopher Mcfarlane at Vaucluse Raceway during an Autocross event. Video by Woolf Sales Solutions.

- Alex,  signing out till next time, happy motoring!