Not Giving Up


Disappointment hits us in all forms.


In our personal lives, sometimes expectations aren't reached, or maybe things don't really work out the way we want them to. We can all relate to this. When disappointment hits though, we all look for ways to handle it, how to push through and still achieve what we wanted in the first place.


It’s funny how well racing can be paralleled with life. Drivers may start with a plan, but this doesn't always mean they achieve the result they were looking for. It’s the same with our lives. Racing is always associated with winning, podium finishes, and celebration. What happens when those expectations are not met?


Many times though, those who didn’t win the race go unnoticed. This does not at all mean they didn’t put in the work to win, it could just be blind-chance, things out of their control which caused the failure.The deciding factor though, when facing disappointment, is choosing whether to continue going or to give up.


At Bushy Park Raceway, not one driver chose to give up driving after calamity. In fact, this may have spurred on motivation to try even harder to achieve their goal.You see, disappointment is a double-edged sword because despite making us sad at present, it really shows ourselves and others what we are really made of. It enables us to build the qualities of a winner within ourselves


Fortitude, endurance, and patience are all things that come out of it. I saw a lot of these qualities shining from drivers on the track during the event.


It's hard sometimes to see past the horror of your car dying on you on the track, the same way it's hard to see past our disappointment at the present point in time. What we can learn though, is that just like a car, we can always rebuild or build things differently in life, patch it up and try again.


It really can be a struggle though, fighting past it, and even when you have fought it off, continuing to go on can also be tough, but the only way we can enter into that winner’s circle, is by harnessing from within ourselves those qualities we used to fight disappointment.


The next time you face disappointment, think about this,

The only way we know we are trying to achieve our goals is through disappointment, because it prevents us from settling.

Keeping that in mind may keep you on your feet when hard times hit.I know this blog was a little different, but I hope you enjoyed the read.


Until next time, this is Alex, Happy Motoring!